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Pamela Stork
West Yorkshire

It was back in 1972 that I got my first Siamese boy - Taottoshi Aeropus (aka Tetsu). I had first come into contact with this wonderful breed during my many visits to a China shop in the centre of Leeds. There was a Siamese cat living at the shop and I think I probably went every week to visit him rather than buy anything.

I started to breed in 1997 when Jasmin my very first Siamese girl was old enough to have kittens.  
About 10 years ago that we met our first Devon Rex and eventually in 2008 our Siamese were joined by a Devon Rex kitten Chloe.
We only have one or two litters a year and occasionally have kittens available to good homes.

The following pages feature our cats past and present and some of our kittens that now live with new owners.


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